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Locktop Dampers


  • The Open & Shut Solution to Fireplace Problems
  • Save Energy



  • Replaces throat dampers
  • Energy Efficient - Seals in Air Conditioning and Furnace Heat
  • Seals Out Mammals, Birds, and Insects
  • Operates from Inside the Home
  • Easy to Install
  • Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Adapts to Round Flues, Double and Tri-Wall Pipe
  • Two-Year Warranty
The Lock-Top adheres to the chimney top using silicone adhesive and is opened and closed using a stainless steel cable.

Unlike a cap or wire screen, it totally seals the chimney top, elimination cold drafts and heat and air-conditioning loss. It also acts as an excellent means of pest control, preventing pests of all sizes from entering the chimney.

It's a practical way to replace ineffective or inefficient throat dampers, and because it provides a stainless steel rain-cap in the open position, it is superior to other roof-top dampers.


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