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Our Mission Statement


At Dieters Hagen, we have several objectives

  • Provide the highest quality of service possible. 
  • Educate and advise our customers on how to properly maintain their chimneys in a safe and efficient manner. 
  • Prevent small, inexpensive problems from developing into large, costly and potentially hazardous conditions. 
  • Make "cheerleaders" out of our customers. 
  • And obviously, make some money! 
Now, let's focus on the "making money" issue since this is one of the determining factors which customers use to decide on who to use... price. Obviously, making money is one of the main reasons we're in business and why anybody else is in business, however, we feel a business has an ethical and moral obligation to its customers. 

This raises an important decision we had to make. Do we compete with the many chimney sweep companies on Long Island who charge, $29.95 & $39.95 per chimney cleaning, and are in and out of the customer's home in ten minutes? These companies are in business for one reason and one reason only, to make "lots of money." Unfortunately, they do nothing to educate the homeowner nor do they actually perform the cleanings most of the time. They often use this lowered price to "get their feet in the door." Most, employ scare tactics on homeowners and try to "sell" high-priced jobs, whether they are necessary or not! This is their "game plan." Now realize, whether the company is reputable or a "fly-by-night," it is impossible to send one or two men in a work van...spend the proper amount of time necessary to inspect and clean the chimney...review with a customer...the condition of the chimney...pay wages, insurance, taxes, gas, overhead, and still make a profit capable of staying in business! So we asked ourselves, are we willing to "cut corners?" The answer was a "No-Brain-er!"  NO! Especially when we're dealing with the safety of people's lives and homes!

We decided long ago to set ourselves apart from other companies by setting the "standard" for running a company with a high ethical and moral conscious! We believe in setting our prices in accordance with the level of service we deliver!...The old time proven adage, " you get what you pay for!" This is the reason "Dieters Hagen," has stood the test of time!  

So, if you are looking for a discount company, DON'T CALL US!   On the other hand, if you are as intelligent as we think you are, you're looking for a company who prides themselves on...honesty, telling you what " you need to hear, not what you may want to hear!," quality workmanship from years of experience, a level of concern for you and your family's safety that is unequaled in today's "lack of business ethics," (and warranties that are at least, "worth the paper they are written on!"), least, "worth the paper they are written on!"), then Dieters Hagen is the chimney company you'll use and recommend to your friends and families! After all, that's where most of our business is generated from anyway!
If we leave a home and the customer is not satisfied, we've failed! Any money that may have been tendered from that customer would become virtually meaningless, due to the fact, they may never use us again nor might they recommend us to anyone else. Having a customer use us only once is not the way you remain in business! The most successful types of businesses are those that maintain a large amount of repeat business! This has always been, and will remain to be, the way we run our company! 

We hope by educating our customers through this web site, as well as many other types of media, you will understand and learn the value of "practicing safe chimney," never employing the, "hard sell," or the old, "bait & switch; "...you don't need all that work chimney company "A" said...all you need is...matter of fact, they didn't even clean your chimney when they where here, i.e., telling the customer what they want to hear!  Spend less money, and turn them against the other company.  A very effective  & convincing ploy...isn't it?  DON'T BE FOOLED & BECOME A VICTIM, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! These two Selling strategies have become industry standards!   We will not neglect to inform you of necessary repairs that may be needed in order to "keep an estimate low enough so you, the customer, will sign-off"on a repair, "WE tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear!" 

We feel a homeowner should be told the entire condition of their chimney, and allow you to make your own decision on what you will or will not choose to do!  A testament to these affirmations can be found, in the kind words from our customers, in our Letters of Reference section. These responses, along with our beliefs, (as well as our ability to sleep soundly at night), are what we contribute to our success! 

In closing, Dieters Hagen is a company that wants to be your, "Sweep for Life!" Therefore, it is our goal, to make each of our customers, our "cheerleader!" 


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