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Customer Commitment Pledge

Our Dieters Hagen Pledge 

When you call us to your home, you can expect a "courteous service person  who will thoroughly inspect your chimney and document it on video tape so you may see your chimneys' condition.  Should your chimney require any repair work or should the service person recommend any preventative maintenance, it will be explained to you along with a written estimate that itemizes and details the work. Any work your chimney may require will only be done upon your written approval.  

NOTE: You are under no obligation to do anything we recommend!  Also, at such time as you authorize any repairs, you will be informed of your rights as a consumer, as required by law.  For a detailed explanation of these rights, see our page Rights as a Consumer.  

Our recommendations will be based on the applicable building, fire, gas and or oil codes, as well as common maintenance practices suggest.   
There will be NO ATTEMPT TO "SELL" OR PRESSURE YOU INTO DOING ANYTHING!  ALL of our servicemen are just that, servicemen...NOT SALESMEN.  There are NO COMMISSIONS involved.  If our serviceman makes a recommendation or leaves you an estimate, it is because the work is necessary to maintain your chimney in safe repair.  Our goal is to retain your patronage for life!  It would be nonsensical for us to jeopardize a lifetime of servicing you, not to mention, future recommendations, for a one time sale!  That is not the way we have maintained a loyal base of customers throughout the years.  
Further, we WILL NOT LEAVE OUT OR NEGLECT TO TELL YOU ITEMS WE DEEM NECESSARY in order to keep an estimate low, or make it more PALATABLE for you as other companies tend to do.  We give you ALL the facts and let YOU DECIDE which items you would like to have done!  It is your money, your home and your peace of mind!  Remember, we document it all on video - and a picture is worth a thousand words.

If we are there to perform a chimney cleaning, you can expect a clean and neat job!  We have drop cloths to protect carpeting or flooring, and a professional vacuum for dust/soot control.

If you would like to have your spouse or significant other, view the video inspection, a duplicate can be made and mailed to you for a nominal fee that covers the postage, tape, and handling!

Dieters Hagen ONLY uses THE HIGHEST QUALITY materials to insure your utmost safety.  The materials we use are made by longstanding and reputable manufacturers, who allow us to pass on to you, the best warranties in the business.  We believe in doing things right, the first time!  

Remember..."Quality never costs, it Pays!"  

In short, we are committed to being your chimney sweep for life by being up front and honest with you right from the start.  We will never mislead you!  Should you ever question anything we may have done or recommended, please allow us the courtesy and opportunity to respond.  We have learned, most problems can occur due to a lack of communication or a customer never making their dissatisfaction known, thereby, never allowing a potentially quick and easy solution.  Though we pride ourselves on being the best and as perfect as possible every day, and 99% of the times we are, however, we are still human.  And though our track record speaks for itself, we too, can have a bad day... occasionally!  So all we ask is, give us the benefit of the doubt, you will not be disappointed!


Dieters Hagen Chimney, LLC.

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